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Lawn Hydroseeding



Whether building a new home in Buffalo, New York or looking to improve on the current condition of your lawn, hydroseeding is the most efficient and effective lawn seeding method. The experts at Seasonal Lawncare will guarantee a well-established, lush green and healthy lawn within 4-8 weeks!

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a planting process that utilizes a mixture of seed, fertilizer, water and mulch, which are blended together and then sprayed overtop a prepared area of your lawn.

Benefits and Advantages of Hydroseeding:

  1. Less than 1/2 the cost of using sod!
  2. When sprayed, the wet mulch bonds with the soil, creating a blanket of moisture over the seed, promoting faster growth.
  3. Protects the seed from sunlight, wind and erosion.
  4. When the grass seeds start to germinate, the mulch begins to decompose and provide important nutrients to the soil.
  5. Even distribution of seed across your lawn.
  6. Hydroseeded lawns will grow much faster than typical sod and seed methods (signs of growth typically within 7 days).
  7. Provides a greener healthier looking lawn.

We use a proven signature Hydroseed Mix, which is a golf course-grade blend that is fully guaranteed with our 4 step fertilization treatment service.

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